High Speed Industrial Calendar

This model is designed for the customers who have units of industrial high com speed ink-jet printers and large amount production. This brand new has many differences with the normal domestic heat transfer machines. The perfect working mode and structure can completely meet the heat transfer requirements steadily. The easy operation panel and mature heating drum result in the fabulous output of products in the long-time work. Meanwhile, it has more production, lower power consumption, much better transfer effects.


    • Aligning the material and felt automatically
    • High speed, better transfer effects
    • Setting the time on and off automatically
    • Two unwinds and two rewinds, less time to change the material
    • Pneumatic tension system
    • Perfect transfer solutions with famous imported electric appliances

    The combination of convenient loading device, drum cooling system and small releasing equipment can easily control the load and unload of the material, cooling the fabrics and prevent the stretch of the elastic fabric. Besides, we can take customers' advice to get better adjustment in accordance with our digital printing solution.