This PD-1700D multifunctional machine is specifically designed to meet the increasing demands for pieces digital printing, it can both do pieces and rolls. The transfer paper is placed side exit up on the table and feeds continuously into the machine, the waste paper and the transferred fabric under the working table. This model is economical and practical after our perfect develop during these years. It is designed for production and sampling, especially has advantage in pre cut pieces transfer, and it is simple to operate. The design also allows for the use of protection paper to protect the belt from contamination. The customers can add more functions to the machine and optimize it according to their own requirements and our digital printing solutions.

Machine Technical Specifications

Model PD-1700
Oil Drum Diameter 420/600/800/1000mm
Power Configuration 3-Phase 4-wire, 380V/50Hz
Heating Oil Heating
Temperature 230celcius
Initial Power 18/36/54/72kw
Net weight 1800kg-2900kg


    • With greater consistency and with fewer operators

    • List titleThe transferred fabrics are easily collected from machine because of the conveyor belt

    • Easy to operate, simple setting of speed, temperature and pressureList title

    • The pre-cut pieces are easily placed because working table

    • Cooling-down timer included