This PD-3200RTR is designed for continuous roll to roll heat transfer. The combination of an adjustable belt tension with an electrical, thermo-oil heated system guarantees a very uniform and accurate temperature. Accurate control of temperature results in the best quality transfer. This model is easy to operate and saves labour, these advantages make this model perfect for the advertising and textile market.

Machine Parameter

Model PD-3200RTR
Drum Diameter 420mm
Working Width 3200mm
Temperature 220 celcius
Initial Power 36KW 3-Phase 4-wire system, 380V/50Hz
Net Weight 2300KG

Cylinder Diameter

1Ø420mm _____
1Ø600mm _____
1Ø800mm _____
Working Width 1200mm — 3600mm


    • Ergonomic working environment, saving labour
    • Easy to operate, simple setting of speed, temperature and pressure
    • Stable transform
    • Cooling-down timer included
    • Easy to load/unload the rewinds and unwinds
    • No movement of material because of a stable guidance of a long belt
    • Easy accessibility of the whole rolls of paper and fabric
    • Optional optimizing solutions