Machine Technical Specifications

  1800 mm 1900 mm 2000 mm 2200 mm  
Model Cylinder Diameter Working Width Initial Power Average Consumption Mechanical Speed
PD-585XD Ø mm 420 1800mm 22KW 14KW 0.3-5.0mt./min.
PD-685XD Ø mm 600 1800mm 35KW 22KW 0.5-6.0mt./min.
PD-885XD Ø mm 800 1800mm 52kW 33KW 0.5-8.0mt./min.


    • Structural design considered for use of full-core roller with temperature deviation at left side, middle side and right side of the roller at+/-1C;
    • Use of 360 full oil immersion type structure to ensure no color difference of the fabrics before and after the transfer printing of the roller;
    • High efficiency and low power with power consumption superior to that of the imported equipment;
    • Almost totlly-enclosed wrapping of the roller brings perfect solutions to the heat loss problem of the roller;
    • Use of whole new mechanical design and layout to ensure long-term and smooth performance of the equipment;
    • Complete mechanical tension balance control provide for fabric input and output, automatic feeding of the fabrics brings safe and reliable operation;
    • 7*24h multi-mode startup and shutdown at preset time;