Nassenger 8

Machine Technical Specifications

Product Name Nassenger 8
Technology Drop on-demand piezo inkjet technology


Reactive dye ink TYPE-P Yellow, Extra Magenta, Cyan, Black, Orange, Blue, Pink, Gray, Sky
Disperse dye ink TYPE-S Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Pink, Sky, Gray, Red, Violet
Acid dye ink Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Blue, Light Magenta, Orange, Light Cyan, Light Black

Dimensions (W X D X H)

Print Unit W 5,080 X D 2,010 X H 2,040 (mm)
Inkarck W 960 X D 1,965 X H 762 (mm)
Unwinder W 2,544 X D 800 X H 1,150 (mm)
Drier & Winder W 2,534 X D 1,668 X H 1,480 (mm)

Power Supply

Print Unit AC Single Phase 200-240V 30A (50/60Hz)
Drier & Winder AC Three Phase 380V 50A (50/60Hz)

Print Head

1024 nozzles water-based inkjet printhead 4 line head X 32pcs (max. 36pcs)
2 line head X 16pcs (max. 18pcs)

Printing Mode

Draft 170 ~ 380m2/h (4line head) 90 ~ 240m2/h (2line head) **
Standard1 130 ~ 240m2/h (4line head) 70 ~ 130m2/h (2line head) **
Standard2 70 ~ 200m2/h (4line head) 40 ~ 110m2/h (2line head) **
Standard3 60 ~ 110m2/h (4line head) 30 ~ 60m2/h (2line head) **
Extra1 40 ~ 110m2/h (4line head) 20 ~ 60m2/h (2line head) **
Extra2 30 ~ 60m2/h (4line head) 15 ~ 30m2/h (2line head) **
Printing Width 1,850mm
Maximum Fabric Thickness 15mm

Operating Environment/humidity condition

Mechanical Operating Condition 15 ~ 30.C 40 ~ 70%RH
Color certifing condition of reactive dye ink 20 ~ 28.C

40 ~ 70%RH


Print Unit Approx. 3,300kg
Inkrack Approx. 170kg
Unwinder Approx. 170kg
Drier & Winder Approx. 600kg


    • Utilizes high resolution and stable production functions that deliver a higher level of print quality.
    • Offers diverse print modes able to flexibly handle tight deadlines and large or small output.
    • Optimum choice for customers handling medium-sized lots and looking to enhance their digital textile printing business.