Nassenger PRO 120

PRO 120 comes standard with a dryer and winder to provide a total solution that encompasses the entire process from unwinding to printing, drying and winding.

Machine Technical Specifications

Product Name Nassenger PRO 120
Technology Drop on-demand piezo inkjet technology
Operating Environment Mechanical operating condition  |   15 ~ 30C  40 ~ 70%RH


Reactive dye ink TYPE – P Yellow, Extra Magenta, Cyan, Black, Orange, Blue, Pink, Gray, Sky
Disperse dye ink TYPE – A Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Pink, Sky, Gray, Red, Violet
Acid dye Ink Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Orange, Blue, Light Mangenta, Light Black, Light Cyan
Printing Width 1850 mm

Ink Supply System

Configuration Motor-driven pump supply
In-line system degassing
Ink tank (6 liter tank 9 units)
Ink bottle Orignal 5 liter bottle
Power supply AC 200 – 240 V 50 / 60 Hz Single – phase 12A
Winding Roller Maximum diameter 400 mm
Control Automatic drive by printer (Nassenger STANDARD |/O)
Dimensions W 2760 X D 930 X H 1200 (mm)
Power supply AC 200-240 V 50/60 Hz Single-Phase 40A

Printing Mode

540 X 360 dpi 1200 m2/h
540 X 720 dpi 60 m2/h
540 X 1080 dpi 40 m2/h
900 X 720 dpi 40 m2/h
Minimum Resolution 360 dpi, Maxmimum Resolution 1440 dpi
Fabric Roll Width 330 mm to 1,800**
Recommended Fabric Thickness UP to 3 mm
Maintenance of printhead Auto maintenance / jetting detector
Water supply                                                    3.5 liter / min.
RIP           RIP software required
Compressed Air                                                0.5MPa or more, 200 liter / min. or more
Dimensions                                                W 4830 X D 1740 X H 2080 (mm) (Includes Tower Lamp)  
Weight Approx. 1600kg
Product Name Dryer & Winder
Fabric Width 1800mm

Operating Environment

Mechinical operating condition 15 ~ 30C 40 ~ 70%RH
Weight Approx. 250kg


    • Overwhelmingly dark black color results that are world-class
    • High resolution for beautifully sharp images
    • High definition, uninterrupted image quality
    • Color development in 16.7 million varied colors
    • Light-colored ink generates rich, smooth gradations
    • Highly flexible to accommodate many different types of fabric